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  1. Kenneth Chilcoat

    Dislike. In a country as big as China six out of 16 teams being in three cities doesn’t seem fair, but after what happened to Xian I guess fair isn’t part of the equation.

  2. WEF Editor

    Idiots who don’t care about the fans.

    • Kenneth Chilcoat

      Who needs fans when you can have money?

      This happens all to often in America. NBA is the worst, but it’s also happened in the MLS when San Jose moved to Houston. In places where there isn’t long history and generations of fans supporting a team they’re very susceptible to being replaced if it makes sense financially.

      • bcheng

        This is where I simply don’t get it. Financially, it doesn’t really make sense moving to Shanghai, but the club could care less about the financial side of things. It seems just like the bosses want the team closer. But you’re right, professionalism has only been around for 18 years in China, so you can’t expect things to be like in Europe where these clubs have been around forever.

  3. Bobby

    Nanchang fans are Amazing,I remember when they won at Hongkou for the first time,they chanted”Come on you Shenhua” as well as applauding their own team,phenomenal stuff!

    Feel so sorry for their fans,they must be gutted.

    Also,it is rumured that the team formerly known as Nanchang Bayi will be joined by that team formerly known as Shanghai East Asia,and together they will be the Shanghai United.

  4. msittig

    The Hengyuan coach is live on SMG Sports right now talking about the move back to Shanghai. Sounds pretty positive about it, I’m guessing it’s a 90% sure thing now?

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