Kanoute joins Guoan

Kanoute finally signs with Beijing Guoan

After what seems like weeks of chasing and speculation, Beijing Guoan signed Freddy Kanoute on Friday afternoon. Kanoute is arguably Guoan’s most well known foreign signing ever due to his time in Spain and the UK.

Kanoute’s not coming cheap, Guoan signed a year and a half deal with the striker that will see him earn $2 million a year. The 34 year old was said to be considering offers from the United States and Middle East, but after arriving in Beijing on Thursday and participating in protracted negotiation sessions, said to last until 5 am on Friday morning, Guoan was able to lock up their man. Kanoute was out of contract, so will be coming to Guoan on a free transfer.

Kanoute’s age is certainly a concern for many Guoan fans. He’s had a number of impressive seasons with Sevilla, tallying double digit goals in almost every one of his league seasons, including a high of 21 in 2006. He also has quite a good scoring rate in cup and European competitions. However, last season, one that saw him suffer through injuries, Kanoute only managed four goals in 26 appearances. Whether this was just an off year or a sign the years are catching up on him, we’ll have to see.

The new man didn’t travel to Guangzhou with his teammates and will see his first action for Guoan next week at home against R&F at the earliest. It will also mean that Guoan will be letting go a foreign player, most likely the injured Francois, though possibly Manu, in the next few days.

3 Responses to “Kanoute finally signs with Beijing Guoan”
  1. Damian Jones says:

    Interesting signing. I’d have thought Guoan could have snapped up a younger star for that money though.

    • bcheng says:

      2 million’s pissing in the wind, no chance you can get a young foreign star for that price. Kanoute’s somewhat of a “name”, the key is going to be if he can find his scoring boots or not.

  2. Kimo says:

    It’s a good signing for Guoan as they don’t seem to have a striker willing to bag the goals on a regular basis. Of course, age and injuries will be of concern, but if Kanoute can remain healthy, I think he could be Guoan’s top goal scorer before the season ends. He’s only four goals away from catching Reinaldo.

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