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  1. GZBiffo

    Thanks for posting this, been very keen to hear more since I saw the news about Guoan in the ‘In Brief’ section on the home page. Totally agree with the sentiments expressed and hope that those organising these protests feel that they have sufficiently made their point and wind down the agitation. Tomorrow should tell.

  2. Rovertlamb

    The concern for Okada exists more for away matches. Here in Hangzhou Greentown fans have been vocal in their support for Okada and the importance to separate sport and politics.

  3. Donald

    There was trouble in Guangzhou at the Japanese consulate on Saturday and a protest march on Sunday afternoon but thankfully that didn’t stop Fuli’s Sunday night game.

  4. BulaimeiShanghai

    Nationalism is a smokescreen, of course, there is probably oil underneath so that makes everyone go bonkers about it. There is other things to focus on which require more urgency such as the long promised greening of the economy, it’s a long way off and more talk than action occurred. Corruption still exists as well, so take these issues to those are who are responsible. Instead the caring elites who probably hold some money in foreign bank accounts thought: “Oh, ok: Back to route one that always works when people are angry and dissatisfied: Nationalism! You see that pile of rocks, that’s ours, let’s blow it up, out of proportion…stupidity prevails as always among humankind…So not even normal fans like in HZ can watch their manager and their team, great job, China, great job…We can see how far ahead you are, indeed…Sorry that whole thing pisses me off time and time again…From a China lover but who doesn’t get and doesn’t want to get to grips with stupidity! Alerta Antifascista!

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