Joel Griffiths: A Tale of Two Cities

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Joel Griffiths spent three years in China’s capital as a hero, two of those spent playing alongside his brother making an Aussie power pair who were fan favorites.  …

View From the North: Beijing Guoan 3-2 Shanghai Shenhua

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Gulp! Burp! Argh! @)#(*)@(*$#)(#)IQ$!

That’s how I’m feeling right now after a very rough weekend of celebrating and drinking first with Guoan supporters, then with the “Blue Devils” and finally tonight with a few Brisbane supporters, who took it easy on me.…

Pub Chat: Derby Day Looms Large


You get a different introduction than usual to our pub chat this week as Shanghai Ultra’s running to the train station to catch his ride to Beijing.  

Beijing Guoan 20 Years, 20 Moments #1: 9-1, 9-1, 9-1


Beijing Guoan is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and we’re here to celebrate 20 of the most important moments over the past 20 years. 

Pub Talk: Special Edition On the Upcoming CSL Season


With the season about to start, we decided to give you a special, slightly out of the ordinary, pub talk.  

Drogba May Be Coming in the Summer, But Shenhua Needs More

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We told you Drogba was not going to Shanghai Shenhua and, like we said, he isn’t — at least not yet.…

Does Anelka Matter? Yes and No


By now, you’ve all surely heard that Nic Anelka has joined Shanghai Shenhua, by far the biggest signing in the history of Chinese football.  …

Source: Anelka will join Shenhua in the next week

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Chelsea striker Nicolas Anelka will sign for Shenhua within the next week, a source close to the club told WEF today.…

The Heated Kang League: CSL Transfer Rumors 1

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In the United States, the baseball offseason is referred to as the “hot stove league”, calling to mind the fans in the old days sitting around a stove in the winter talking about all the rumors about where players were going.  

Shanghai Shenhua 2011 season review: A curious campaign


Cao Yunding - a rare beacon of light this season (Oriental Sports)

Season 2011 is now well and truly over with the Chinese Super League concluded, the CFA cup won by Tianjin, and the national team out of the World Cup qualifers.