No need to focus on China’s loss to Brazil

neymar goals

China experienced a crushing defeat to Brazil yesterday. I don’t want to talk about it too much, the Seleção played brilliantly while a beat up, tired Chinese side limped through it.

Pub Talk: China’s Failure, the CFA Cup Final, and Sven


Your two intrepid correspondents are back this week and talking about the Chinese national team’s failure, amazingly the name Ma Chongchong comes up. 

Repost from the Past: Whither Chinese Soccer?

A pickup game of footie in Beijing, a rare sight

Editor’s Note:  This post was originally published on in July 2010.  At that point, days before the World Cup final between Spain and Holland, there was a lot of discussion in Chinese media and online about the sorry state of Chinese soccer and why they continued to fail when it came to international competitions. 

World Cup Qualifier 5: Singapore 0 – 4 China

Zheng Zheng, the man so nice they named him twice, is your Man of the Match

Zheng Zheng, the man so nice they named him twice, is your Man of the Match

Editor’s Note: We woke up to the news that Iraq defeated Jordan 3-1 and so that last remaining bit of hope that for China has now been crushed and they are officially eliminated from qualifying.

Camacho, the players or the board: who is to blame for another failed Chinese World Cup Campaign?


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Chinese fans are used to disappointment, but things were looking up in 2011 thanks to some good performances from the national team and a lucky draw that gave China one of the easier qualifying groups in third round World Cup qualifying through the Asian Football Confederation.…

World Cup Qualifier 4: Iraq 1 – 0 China

We've seen it all before...

We've seen it all before...

Yet another painful night in “west Asia” for Chinese football fans.  The team didn’t play bad, they created chances, but in the end it wasn’t enough.  …

Chinese Football News and Notes

This. is. scary.  I don't want to know...

This. is. scary. I don't want to know...

Chinese football is in the news lately, for some reason it seems foreign media can’t get enough of it this week, so here’s some of the better stories we’ve seen in the foreign (and domestic) English language media. …

An Underwhelming New Design for an Underwhelming Team

new kits

new kitsIt has been a very badly kept secret that the national team would be getting new kits in line with their new logo, we first showed you a picture of the potential logo in June and since then there’s been a lot of talk about this happening.…

World Cup Qualifier 3: China 0 – 1 Iraq

"It's the same old song...."

I feel like a broken record at this point, but there’s probably a reason why.  Every time China gives its fans a bit of hope, it very quickly finds a way to crush that hope in new and ever more devastating ways.  …

China Celebrates Own Impotence

Bora takes a lap with some of the Chinese players
Bora takes a lap with some of the Chinese players

"Milu" and some of the 2002 team members reunite

For some nations, making it to the World Cup is an expectation, a requirement, that fans view as their birthright and anything less is considered unacceptable.  …