No need to focus on China’s loss to Brazil

neymar goals

China experienced a crushing defeat to Brazil yesterday. I don’t want to talk about it too much, the Seleção 

Call it the “Cleo Rule”: CFA announces new rules on foreign players

evergrande's foreigners

Guangzhou Evergrande’s proposal to add  two foreign player roster spots came before a full CFA committee today and passed …

Evergrande unveils Barrios as they push proposal to add foreigners

barrios evergrande unveiling

Lucas Barrios was unveiled by Guangzhou Evergrande at a press conference yesterday. Barrios, the club’s new $10 million man, …

As new wave of corruption trials begin, fans left wondering what they mean for the future

former players in court

The Chinese football corruption trials have restarted in Liaoning province and there’s a lot to report out of those …

Beijing Guoan 20 Years, 20 Moments #3: Black whistles come out in Shenyang

zhou incident xu yunlong shenyang

Beijing Guoan is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and we’re here to celebrate 20 of the most important

Looking At the Parallel Problems in Chinese Football and Basketball

Anelka v beijing

A self-made owner, crazy about sports (some would say just plain crazy), likes to meddle in team management and …

The (Seemingly) Neverending Saga of Yang Zhi

yang zhi injury

Today was the last day to submit final rosters to the AFC for this year’s Asian Champions League squads …

Only in the CSL: Champions League’s A-Changin’

Were they celebrating too soon in Shenyang?

Were they celebrating too soon in Shenyang?

This post actually should be “Only in the AFC” as for once …

Repost from the Past: Whither Chinese Soccer?

A pickup game of footie in Beijing, a rare sight

Editor’s Note:  This post was originally published on in July 2010.  At that point, days before the

Only in the CSL: Ending the Season with a Weekday Afternoon Match

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Though I should be in the office right now, I’m not. Instead I’m sitting in a hotel room and …