Hong Kong Round-Up: Cheers and Jeers on a Historical Night in Hong Kong


Hong Kong and China Draw Nil All in Epic Encounter 

November 17th saw Hong Kong finally face China and …

China Derby from a neutral perspective: Caught in the Crossfire

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One match, four goals, and hundreds of thousands of “Shabis!” later a sizable contingent of contributors gathered …

Thou shalt not win: Beijing’s ceaseless Hongkou punishment continues

shenhua drog beat beijing

On a wet and steamy summer’s evening, the gods overlooking Hongkou Stadium threw down a cruel and unusual punishment …

Another sad night for Guoan at Hongkou

piao cheng shenhua

The Hongkou curse reared its ugly head once again on Saturday night as Beijing Guoan looked the better side …

View From the North: Beijing Guoan 3-2 Shanghai Shenhua

mao jianqing guoan vs shenhua

Gulp! Burp! Argh! @)#(*)@(*$#)(#)IQ$!

That’s how I’m feeling right now after a very rough weekend of celebrating and drinking …

Beijing Guoan 3-2 Shanghai Shenhua: Theatre of Retribution

Anelka v beijing (Small)

Around 51,000 fans packed into Gongti on Friday night to witness  an evening of dramatic footballing theatre as Beijing …

Pub Chat: Derby Day Looms Large


You get a different introduction than usual to our pub chat this week as Shanghai Ultra’s running to the

Shanghai Shenhua – Beijing Guoan: 18 years of loathing

jing-hu rivalry

The following is a verbatim translation of a story which appeared on Sina entitled “18 years of loathing” and

Shenhua 1:0 Guoan: Shanghai Put Beijing To The Sword In Feisty Derby Victory

Jiang Kun celebrates his last-gasp winner (shenhua.online.sh)




In the final game of the season, Shanghai Shenua pulled out a last gasp win over …

Guoan 3-0 Shenhua: Summer blues begin


The following match report gives a Shenhua fan’s perspective on the China Derby. To get the view from the