China Derby from a neutral perspective: Caught in the Crossfire

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One match, four goals, and hundreds of thousands of “Shabis!” later a sizable contingent of WEF contributors gathered to have a real ‘pub talk’ following an exhausting roller coaster ride of football.…

Thou shalt not win: Beijing’s ceaseless Hongkou punishment continues

shenhua drog beat beijing

On a wet and steamy summer’s evening, the gods overlooking Hongkou Stadium threw down a cruel and unusual punishment on Beijing Guoan as a badly under-strength Shanghai Shenhua side grabbed a 3-1 victory in the China Derby, despite their opponents controlling much of the game.…

Another sad night for Guoan at Hongkou

piao cheng shenhua

The Hongkou curse reared its ugly head once again on Saturday night as Beijing Guoan looked the better side for much of the match, but in the end fell to Shanghai Shenhua 3-1.…

View From the North: Beijing Guoan 3-2 Shanghai Shenhua

mao jianqing guoan vs shenhua

Gulp! Burp! Argh! @)#(*)@(*$#)(#)IQ$!

That’s how I’m feeling right now after a very rough weekend of celebrating and drinking first with Guoan supporters, then with the “Blue Devils” and finally tonight with a few Brisbane supporters, who took it easy on me.…

Beijing Guoan 3-2 Shanghai Shenhua: Theatre of Retribution

Anelka v beijing (Small)

Around 51,000 fans packed into Gongti on Friday night to witness  an evening of dramatic footballing theatre as Beijing Guoan beat Shanghai Shenhua 3-2 in the China Derby.…

Pub Chat: Derby Day Looms Large


You get a different introduction than usual to our pub chat this week as Shanghai Ultra’s running to the train station to catch his ride to Beijing.  

Shanghai Shenhua – Beijing Guoan: 18 years of loathing

jing-hu rivalry

The following is a verbatim translation of a story which appeared on Sina entitled “18 years of loathing” and which detailed a recent TV football programme. 

Shenhua 1:0 Guoan: Shanghai Put Beijing To The Sword In Feisty Derby Victory

Jiang Kun celebrates his last-gasp winner (




In the final game of the season, Shanghai Shenua pulled out a last gasp win over bitter rivals Beijing Guaon, winning 1-0 thanks to substitute Jiang Kun’s strike in the dying seconds of injury time.…

Guoan 3-0 Shenhua: Summer blues begin


The following match report gives a Shenhua fan’s perspective on the China Derby. To get the view from the North of this huge game, check out Bcheng’s account.

View from the North: Beijing 3 – 0 Shanghai

a sad Wang Dalei with the Guoan players celebrating in the background

I hate midweek matches. I love midweek matches. The upside is that with work all day, I barely have time to think about the game, especially a big match like this one, so I just go to the stadium excited instead of nervous.…