Stanojevic to take over in the capital


Beijing Guoan appears to have signed a contract with Alexander Stanojević to serve as the club’s manager. Sources are …

Grading Guoan: Handing out grades for 2012

good guoan 2012 team shot

The 2012  season has come to an end and most Beijing Guoan fans have to be happy with the …

Guoan defeats Evergrande on final kick of the 2012 season


Beijing Guoan 1-0 Guangzhou Evergrande
CSL Round 30
Zhang Xizhe 92′

On a miserable, rainy day, Beijing Guoan took …

Pacheco plays it defensively, gets Guoan into ACL with draw at Jiangsu


In the penultimate match of the 2012 season, Beijing Guoan did just enough to earn a point after a …

Pacheco’s final three?


Ricardo Sá Pinto, manager of Portuguese giants Sporting Lisbon has been shown the door and Jaime Pacheco, manager of …

Despite referee’s error, Guoan manages a draw


With manager Jaime Pacheco’s job at risk, Beijing Guoan went out and put in a solid performance against Liaoning …

Pacheco’s days may be numbered, an appeal for leniency

depressed pacheco

This article first appeared on Yahoo! Sports China

The cover of this week’s Beijing Guoan’s matchday program, just released …

Shandong crushes Guoan as the nightmare continues


Beijing Guoan’s season was made a whole lot worse after being hit for four goals against Shandong Luneng at …

Guangzhou too much for Guoan in the end

piao and qin arguing

Yesterday’s match between Beijing Guoan and Guangzhou Evergrande was a display of the Chinese Super League at its finest, …

Preview from the North: Beijing tries to regroup after ACL embarassment

yulinjun fans

This week Beijing Guoan is back on the road, once again going up to Liaoning province for the second …