Ding dong Camacho’s gone


The Chinese Football Association announced this afternoon that they fired manager Jose Antonio Camacho. There was much speculation the CFA would take this move after China’s disgraceful defeat to Thailand two weekends ago, but for awhile last week it seemed like this decision would be delayed.…

WEF Exclusive: Yu Dabao talks playing in Europe & almost joining Evergrande

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Last week, before China took on Holland in Beijing, Wild East Football sat down with Yu Dabao at the Chinese national team’s hotel.

WEF Editorial: China has hit rock bottom, Camacho must go


Wild East Football failed to carry a match report on the China-Thailand game on Saturday, in part it’s due to some issues we were having with the website, in part it’s because it would be virtually impossible to write a straight, non-emotional piece on that match.

China outclassed by Dutch trio in Beijing return


Holland’s superstars were just too much for a  10 man China as the national team put in a good effort but lose once again (view video highlights here).…

Camacho talks about future of Chinese football & his relationship with Lippi


Despite having a number of things on his mind, not the least picking the upcoming national team line-up, Jose Antonio Camacho sat down with The Beijing News on Monday and answered a number of questions about his time in charge of the national team, what he’s done, and China’s future.

Camacho keeps things much the same, though a few new faces for June friendlies

camacho stands

Manager Jose Antonio Camacho has announced his squad for China’s three upcoming friendlies and while it includes a few names, it doesn’t seem the manager has gone far enough to bring in young talent.…

Yu Dabao guarantees China will stay alive in Asian Cup Qualifying

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China 1-0 Iraq
Asian Cup 2015 Qualifying Matchday 2
Yu Dabao ’92

Attendance: 31,629

After 90 minutes of scoreless play, China got a lucky extra time goal that will at least ensure manager Jose Antonio Camacho keeps his job for one more match.…

Camacho continues habit of picking Evergrande heavy side to face Iraq

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With much talk that Jose Antonio Camacho’s latest squad would see Chen Zhizhao, currently playing for Brazilian club Corinthians, get a call up into the national team, we finally have a look at the full squad for China’s next Asian Cup qualifying match against Iraq.…

BREAKING NEWS: Wei Di out at the CFA

wei di

Reports are in that CFA head Wei Di was removed from his position this evening. It is currently not clear what has brought about this decision.…

CFA releases roster for first Asian Cup qualifying match

camacho stands

The CFA announced its roster for an extended training session in Spain next month leading into the team’s first Asian Cup qualifying match away to Saudi Arabia on February 6.…