Ding dong Camacho’s gone


The Chinese Football Association announced this afternoon that they fired manager Jose Antonio Camacho. There was much speculation the …

WEF Exclusive: Yu Dabao talks playing in Europe & almost joining Evergrande

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Last week, before China took on Holland in Beijing, Wild East Football sat down with Yu Dabao at the

WEF Editorial: China has hit rock bottom, Camacho must go


Wild East Football failed to carry a match report on the China-Thailand game on Saturday, in part it’s due

China outclassed by Dutch trio in Beijing return


Holland’s superstars were just too much for a  10 man China as the national team put in a good …

Camacho talks about future of Chinese football & his relationship with Lippi


Despite having a number of things on his mind, not the least picking the upcoming national team line-up, Jose

Camacho keeps things much the same, though a few new faces for June friendlies

camacho stands

Manager Jose Antonio Camacho has announced his squad for China’s three upcoming friendlies and while it includes a few …

Yu Dabao guarantees China will stay alive in Asian Cup Qualifying

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China 1-0 Iraq
Asian Cup 2015 Qualifying Matchday 2
Yu Dabao ’92

Attendance: 31,629

After 90 minutes of scoreless …

Camacho continues habit of picking Evergrande heavy side to face Iraq

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With much talk that Jose Antonio Camacho’s latest squad would see Chen Zhizhao, currently playing for Brazilian club Corinthians, …

BREAKING NEWS: Wei Di out at the CFA

wei di

Reports are in that CFA head Wei Di was removed from his position this evening. It is currently not …

CFA releases roster for first Asian Cup qualifying match

camacho stands

The CFA announced its roster for an extended training session in Spain next month leading into the team’s first …