Worker’s Stadium Ramblings: How can it be over already?


Last Sunday’s win is one that will live long in the memories of every Beijing Guoan fan no matter what happens this weekend.…

Shao’s shocker keeps Guangzhou’s celebrations on ice for another week

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Shao Jiayi came on for Beijing Guoan in the 86th minute yesterday and with his first kick of the match, a Guoan free kick, scored the match’s only goal.…

Worker’s Stadium Ramblings: It’s upon us


This weekend sees the biggest match of the 2014 Chinese Super League season take place at Tianhe, as Beijing Guoan travels to Tianhe to take on three time champions Guangzhou Evergrande.…

Worker’s Stadium Ramblings: Derby day comeback allows Guoan to give chase


The atmosphere in Worker’s Stadium was electric on Saturday night as over 47,000 green faithful came out to support their side in the Jing-jin derby and Beijing Guoan took all three points from their “local” rivals.

Worker’s Stadium Ramblings: Rare come from behind win leads into derby day


After a few weeks away, I’m back with my weekly take on the goings on at Worker’s Stadium, this week there’s a lot to deal with, a big away win at Nanjing Zhenjiang and of course the big rivalry match against Tianjin on Saturday night.

Cheng: Was Saturday the end of the Beijing-Jiangsu special relationship?

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There are many oddities involved in Chinese football, one such example is the “special relationship” that exists between Beijing Guoan and Jiangsu Sainty supporters, however after Saturday night’s match, it appears this relationship, thankfully, is on its last legs.…

Worker’s Stadium Ramblings: Shandong struggles & ho hum Harbin

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Ding Dong the Witch is Dead on Life Support Maybe A-OK
Guangzhou Evergrande or Taobao or whatever they are called this week were knocked out of the Asian Champions League in midweek, to the cheers (and in some cases tears) of fans across China.…

Worker’s Stadium Ramblings: It all comes down to Jinan


It’s been a very difficult two weeks for the capital side, a historic win in Shanghai was followed up by a disappointing penalty shoot out loss to Shandong in the CFA Cup.…

CSL Monday Wrap: Erton’s brace helps Guoan keep chase


Due to a Saturday night concert at Worker’s Stadium, last night saw Beijing Guoan close out this round against Guizhou, and as has been the case each time these sides meet, there was plenty of drama.

Yuexiushan News and Preview: R&F v Beijing

Yuexiushan graphic Guangzhou R&F

It’s second v third on Wednesday night at Yuexiushan but after a shaky start to the second half of the season the gap between the sides is getting wider.