Pub Talk: The names change but the Chinese football game remains the same + Shanghai Derby dominates


Like salmon returning from the Atlantic, leaping up whitewater rapids to spawn in a Scottish loch, your wondering pundits

WEF Exclusive Interview: Ian Walker

Ian Walker Coaching

Shanghai Shenhua have been CSL news central this year, from the high publicity signings of Drogba, Anelka and

The Whistles: A (somewhat) fictional story of a night on the road

guoan away fans

What follows is meant as a semi-fictional account of one awayday. Any similarities to certain incidents is coincidental and

Exclusive: “The CFA tried to make me cut my long hair” – 1996 foreign pioneer speaks out


In an absolutely remarkable exclusive interview with one of the first Western footballers to play in the Chinese Football

Anelka: “Shenhua doesn’t trust me” – exclusive translation

A lot to answer for - Anelka

Yesterday Shenhua were in the international news headlines yet again, when Anelka threatened to leave Shenhua, ostensibly over the

WEF Special: The bizarre downfall of Jean Tigana

tigana out press conf (Small)

International media  interest in Shanghai Shenhua is peaking once again, this time over the Jean Tigana saga. gives the …

Looking At the Parallel Problems in Chinese Football and Basketball

Anelka v beijing

A self-made owner, crazy about sports (some would say just plain crazy), likes to meddle in team management and …

Grassroots Pioneer Tom Byer Talks Soccer in China

Tom with Takeshi Okada, current manager of Hangzhou Greentown.Can the two leave a legacy of development and success in Chinese football?

Tom Byer is arguably the greatest pioneer of grassroots football this century. Situated at the heart of Japanese football’s …

Ten Reasons to Follow Your Local CSL Club

shanghai shenhua fans

Editor’s note: While there have been a ton of posts on this site, there are few that are as

Being a Disabled Supporter in China


A football stadium reflects society, you have supporters of all different age groups and economic backgrounds that attend matches