Malawi’s national stadium to be opened by … Guangzhou R&F

An early contender for most unlikely pre-season friendly in the world in 2017 will take place in Malawi’s new Bingu National Stadium when Guangzhou R&F play Malawi’s under 23 side.

Cheng: Don’t fight crazy with crazy, rethink these new rules

When my three-year-old is bad sometimes I have to go to the radical step of taking away all his toys. That seems to be the thinking of the General Administration of Sports and the CFA with their new rules released over the weekend. The rules, eliminating the 4+1 rule and only allowing three foreign players […]

Shanghai Shenhua Stadium used as golf driving range

Hongkou Football stadium, home of Chinese Super League club Shanghai Shenhua, is being used as a golf driving range during the week , Wild East Football can exclusively reveal. The 35,000 capacity ground, which became China’s first football-specific stadium after a major rennovation in 1999, is now used specifically for golf, on non-match days. understands […]

CSL relocation shocker: Shanghai Shenxin to move to Diaoyu Islands

Struggling Shanghai Shenxin are to make a shock relocation to the Diaoyu Islands in an effort to both attract more fans and curry favour with the Chinese establishment, can exclusively reveal. The Jinshan-based side, which has moved its home stadium each year for the past three seasons, will once again up sticks during the CSL’s […]

Jia A old timer’s match shows that old habits die hard

Chinese football once again allowed itself to be the punchline to a joke today when Sichuan players walked off the pitch to protest a referee’s call during a Jia A old timer’s match against Guangzhou. This year a Jia A old timer’s league was set up to play matches over a few weeks at the […]