Pub Talk: The names change but the Chinese football game remains the same + Shanghai Derby dominates


Like salmon returning from the Atlantic, leaping up whitewater rapids to spawn in a Scottish loch, your wondering pundits are back in the Pub after a long hiatus. The beer is still flowing, but an awful lot has changed since last time. Or has it? Your original Chinese football commentators find themselves in something of […]

Ross: “Eight pointer” on Sunday between Shanghai East Asia and Guangzhou R&F

Guangzhou R&F face Shanghai East Asia

“The six pointer” is a well-worn football cliché but when Shanghai East Asia and Guangzhou R&F go head-to-head on Sunday night the CSL’s tie-breaker rules effectively make it an “eight point game.” Expect a gripping contest as both sides try to put themselves in prime position to claim the last Asian Champions League spot. Neither […]

Qingdao & Melkam involved in match fixing/unpaid wages row


After having spent eight seasons playing in China, it appears that Gabriel Melkam’s time here has come to an unhappy end, as the Nigerian is involved in a spat with his former club, Qingdao Jonoon. Melkam released a public statement (view the entire statement here) the other day stating that he went down to Guangzhou, […]

China’s most successful club on the brink of death? An in-depth background

dalian tears (Small)

Dalian Shide FC, China’s most decorated club with eight championships to its name, is clinging on for dear life despite emotional scenes at the end of last season as players and fans believed the club had played its last ever game. Just days later, local sports media reported that city rivals Dalian Aerbin had purchased […]

Jia A old timer’s match shows that old habits die hard


Chinese football once again allowed itself to be the punchline to a joke today when Sichuan players walked off the pitch to protest a referee’s call during a Jia A old timer’s match against Guangzhou. This year a Jia A old timer’s league was set up to play matches over a few weeks at the […]

CSL announces the squad for All-Star Game

csl logo NEW (Small)

By now, we’ve all come to realize that football’s a little different in China and, as if you need yet another example, the league holds an All-Star Game following the end of the season, typically featuring the league champions (Guangzhou Evergrande) against a team of the league’s top players. This year it’s hard to expect […]

Call it the “Cleo Rule”: CFA announces new rules on foreign players

evergrande's foreigners

Guangzhou Evergrande’s proposal to add  two foreign player roster spots came before a full CFA committee today and passed receiving the necessary 2/3rds majority. Of the 64 possible votes, there were 61 representatives and the proposal received 43 “yes” votes, 16 “no” votes, and two abstentions. The rule will go into effect immediately, allowing teams […]

Nanchang Hengyuan Moving Back to Shanghai?

nanchang hengyuan fans

For those who are used to European football, the announcement that Shaanxi Renhe was leaving Xian for Guizhou came as a massive shock, well, hold on tight folks, we could be looking at more madness. In a winter of big transfers, it seems the biggest move may actually be clubs that are literally moving cities. […]

The (Seemingly) Neverending Saga of Yang Zhi

yang zhi injury

Today was the last day to submit final rosters to the AFC for this year’s Asian Champions League squads and in a surprise, Beijing Guoan’s squad didn’t include Yang Zhi.  Yang, ‘s Chinese Player of the Year, played in every one of Guoan’s matches last season, in fact the number of matches he hasn’t played […]

Only in the CSL: Shaanxi Chanba Moving to Guizhou in 2012

Fans cry as they gather to protest Renhe's plans to leave Xian

Here at we have a bit of a culture clash whenever the topic of relocation comes up. To someone from the UK, the idea of a team relocating is unheard of, akin to an iconic building in the city suddenly leaving. However, for an American, it’s just something we’re used to as teams regularly hold […]