Pub Talk: The names change but the Chinese football game remains the same + Shanghai Derby dominates


Like salmon returning from the Atlantic, leaping up whitewater rapids to spawn in a Scottish loch, your wondering pundits

Ross: “Eight pointer” on Sunday between Shanghai East Asia and Guangzhou R&F

Guangzhou R&F face Shanghai East Asia

“The six pointer” is a well-worn football cliché but when Shanghai East Asia and Guangzhou R&F go head-to-head on …

Qingdao & Melkam involved in match fixing/unpaid wages row


After having spent eight seasons playing in China, it appears that Gabriel Melkam’s time here has come to an …

China’s most successful club on the brink of death? An in-depth background

dalian tears (Small)

Dalian Shide FC, China’s most decorated club with eight championships to its name, is clinging on for dear life

Jia A old timer’s match shows that old habits die hard


Chinese football once again allowed itself to be the punchline to a joke today when Sichuan players walked off …

CSL announces the squad for All-Star Game

csl logo NEW (Small)

By now, we’ve all come to realize that football’s a little different in China and, as if you need …

Call it the “Cleo Rule”: CFA announces new rules on foreign players

evergrande's foreigners

Guangzhou Evergrande’s proposal to add  two foreign player roster spots came before a full CFA committee today and passed …

Nanchang Hengyuan Moving Back to Shanghai?

nanchang hengyuan fans

For those who are used to European football, the announcement that Shaanxi Renhe was leaving Xian for Guizhou came …

The (Seemingly) Neverending Saga of Yang Zhi

yang zhi injury

Today was the last day to submit final rosters to the AFC for this year’s Asian Champions League squads …

Only in the CSL: Shaanxi Chanba Moving to Guizhou in 2012

Fans cry as they gather to protest Renhe's plans to leave Xian

Tears for Shaanxi

Here at we have a bit of a culture clash whenever the topic of relocation comes …