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Worldwide disease

I’ve always pointed out that, despite the fact Chinese football has more than its fair share of scandals, and other unsavory goings-on, such problems are not uncommon elsewhere. The Sydney Morning Herald does a great job of putting into context just how widespread illegal sports betting is across the world, in its article A Decade of Betting Scandals.

Quite a sobering read – cricket, horse racing, snooker, ice hockey, sumo wrestling, rugby and even video gaming are just some of the sports caught up in the web of gambling sin. Seems nowhere is immune from this worldwide disease.

A leading international commentator on Chinese football frequently quoted by the world's top media. Offers piercing and resolutely honest insights into the bustling crossroads where football, society, economics and politics meet in contemporary China. Based in Shanghai since 2005, observer of the Chinese game since 2000.

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