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Chinese Super League

A look at this season’s CSL team shirts

Shanghai Shenhua's new shirts for 2011

Interest from overseas about the Chinese game rarely extends beyond corruption stories or the national team’s numerous calamities. How refreshing, then, that Football Shirt Culture have written up this worthy post which takes a look at every Chinese Super League club’s playing jerseys for the 2011 season.

There are a few silly mistakes in the write-up, such as suggesting Jiangsu were Chinese champions in 2008, when infact they won the second tier league that year, but lets not let that detract from what is a nicely written piece. Thanks to reader Charlie for first bringing our attention to it.

As an interesting side note, whilst Nike has a 10-year deal worth a reputed $200 million to be the Chinese Super League’s exclusive kit supplier, your correspondent could find no official mention of this anywhere on the English internet. Are Nike so ashamed to be a Chinese Super League sponsor that they haven’t mentioned it anywhere? Could it have something to do with a China-based Nike executive’s involvement in a match-fixing scandal?

We may never know.

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