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Pub Talk: Join in the banter…

This week, with Bcheng on holiday (follow him on Sina Weibo), Kenneth came to the virtual pub only to find it deserted – the Editor had foolishly forgotten to turn up. So, this week, we invite our loyal band of readers to pull up a stool and say what is on their minds, in the comments section. Is Conca really worth $10 million? Are Guangzhou going to run away with the Chinese Super League this season? Is the standard of foreign player really going to get better with all the real estate money pouring into the Chinese game? Which foreign players would you like to see try their luck in China? Have you either attended, or watched on TV, any good or bad Chinese Super League games recently? Are you wondering why does anyone bother to write an English language site about Chinese football? No holds are barred on !

Whatever it is you want to say, Pub Talk is the place to say it. The virtual beers are on !

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