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Furious fans besiege Chinese national team bus as rude words fly

Angry scenes as Chinese fans hurl abuse at the national team bus

Disorderly scenes erupted last night in the aftermath of China’s hugely disappointing 1-0 home defeat to Iraq, which saw furious Chinese fans mob their national squad bus outside Shenzhen stadium, demanding that the Guozu disband.

According to Chinese site, fans somehow found their way to the bus parking area near gate 1 of the stadium, and hurled “all sorts of insults” at the national team players as they boarded the coach.

“The National team are rubbish!”, “dissolve the CFA!”, “refund our tickets!”, “Cammacho resign!”, “Wei Di resign!” (CFA vice-chairman), were just some of the choice remarks flying through the air as security personel struggled to hold fans back. According to the report, scuffles broke out between stadium security and certain individual fans, however there was no real violence. The report also accused the Shenzhen stadium organizers of neglect in letting fans get so near to the team bus.

According to Sina Sports‘ account of the incident, China coach Camacho, a Spainiard, asked his translator what the fans were yelling at the bus. After some initial embarassment, and then consulting with senior CFA official Yu Hongchen who was also aboard the team coach, the translator truthfully told Camacho what the fans said, including the phrase the “national team are dog shit.” The report stated that after being given the translation, Camacho remained silent for the rest of the journey.

Chinese fans are well accustomed to dissappointment when following their side, however, this was a game which China was expected to win, especially following their friendly match win over the U.A.E. last weekend. Those were most likely the main factors behind this outbreak of indignation, in addition to long-standing dissatisfaction with national team permformances.

Video of the incident

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