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International Football Tournaments in China

While the attention of international tournaments in China is usually reserved for high profile clubs such matches do not always impact the development of the game in China as expected. In fact the uber-publicized and over-promoted matches of visiting European ‘blockbuster’ clubs sometimes to shadow the domestic efforts happening right before our eyes. has taken a look at what happens behind the scenes of the stars and get a glimpse into the grassroots and amateur level of football competition in China.

At the Weifang Cup top youth teams from around the world face off in Shandong.

Chinese Youth International Football Tournaments

The Great Wall Cup- July 2012

The China Great Wall Cup is rapidly gaining exposure on the international stage. Since inception in 2010 the summer event, occurring annually in late July, has grown to include 30 teams from 14 countries and four continents. Ages range from U10 to U18 (girls U16 and U18). Hosted by the Beijing FA the tournament has received great support and looks to become a major staple in the international youth football scene. 2012 and beyond will likely prove so.

Great Wall Cup: Beijing's Rising Star


The Weifang Cup-August 2012

The Weifang Cup is an exciting summer youth football tournament which brings a select and competitive group of teams to compete annually in Shandong Province. Only eight teams are accepted each year (two European, a Japanese, Korean, Australian, plus one other, and the hosts) and only at the level of U18, but the tournament aims to make these eight only the most excellent youth football has to offer. Noteworthy competitors have been Bayern Munich, Villareal, FC Chivas, and National Youth squads from India and Serbia. The only regular teams to compete are the hosts Shandong Luneng Taishan Football Club and the U18 Chinese National Team. The week long tournament occurs in early August. For more information see

Adult International Football Tournaments (Non-professional)

The China Nations Cup- Hangzhou November 12-13, 2011

The China Nations Cup is the first international football tournament of its kind in Asia. The Hangzhou based event will host a proper international tournament, meaning countries and not clubs (with players representing their respective countries) will compete for international glory in a ‘Expat Worldcup’ of sorts. Players can be gathered from a variety of clubs throughout China and Asia to represent their nation. Hosted by Hangzhou Sinobal Football Club the annual event will occur on November 12-13th in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. For more information visit the tournament website or Sinobal Football Club.

The N.I.F.T (Nanjing International Football Tournament)-October 29th, 2011

This month Nanjing Football Club will host the NIFT event for all clubs in and around the Yangtze River Delta region. The biannual tournament broke ground Spring of 2011 and looks to gain a strong following among the local and international community. The tournament is a 8-a-side competition and is a single day event, making it convenient for visiting teams to visit and go straight for victory in a day. For more information visit the tournament website or contact

Trevor has always been a student of the game, thus becoming a teacher and ambassador for the sport was only natural. In 2010 he joined Sinobal Football Club in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, a grassroots football club founded in 1998. First starting as a player, then as a youth and first team assistant coach, now Trevor spends most of the time coordinating international projects with the club. These include school football co-op projects, China Grassroots Football Foundation in rural areas of China, Street Football, China Grassroots Football exhibition, and finding new opportunities/events to popularize, enhance, and project grassroots football in China. For WEF Trevor contributes primarily on happenings away from the CSL, where, arguably, Chinese football needs the most development. Although coverage on Hangzhou Greetown FC, a partner of Sinobal FC,is to be expected. If you are interested in contacting Trevor or finding out more about grassroots football in China contact



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