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The Heated Kang League: CSL Transfer Rumors 1 - Wild East Football
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The Heated Kang League: CSL Transfer Rumors 1

In the United States, the baseball offseason is referred to as the “hot stove league”, calling to mind the fans in the old days sitting around a stove in the winter talking about all the rumors about where players were going.  With a month to go before the Chinese Super League transfer period opens is bringing you all the rumors that are floating around, no matter how crazy they are.  We at have to do it Chinese style, so we’re bringing you the “heated kang league”.

Let’s first start talking about whose got the money.  Obviously the conversation begins with a certain southern side that is the defending champions.  Guangzhou Evergrande’s boss Xu Jiayin has more money than he knows what to do with and is going to spend a lot of it, but other than Park Ji-sung, it’s unlikely they’ll target a big name foreigner.  Their neighbors Fuli, however, are a different story.  Much like with Evergrande, they have loads of money, but looking to steal some thunder from Evergrande, they’re likely to make a splash and buy some top flight foreigners.

So who else is going to be involved in the market?  Beijing Guoan has plenty of money, but they’ve stayed very low key so far, avoiding any major rumors and making it hard to guage their intentions.  At the other end of the spectrum, Shenhua’s taking the exact opposite approach and lots of rumors are flying, but its unlikely those names will actually end up with the club.  Traditional market players Shaanxi and Hangzhou are both beset with problems and are there for unlikely to make any major purchases this year.  Whose left?  Dalian Aerbin went from the Yi League to the Chinese Super League in two seasons and has higher asperations, so expect to see them play a role in the transfer market.  Dalian Shide and Jiangsu Sainty both potentially will put a decent amount of money into their sides in the offseason.  Nobody can be sure what’s going to happen in Tianjin or Shenyang at this point, whether they will be buyers or sellers.

The below link is based only on the little information we have from the media and gut feelings. We wouldn’t be surprised if a number of the “Likely” transfers don’t happen and we see a ton of the “Unlikely” ones going through, however these are the names that have been bandied about the most. The two Guangzhou sides and Shanghai have been especially bold in making claims in the media, it will be interesting to see how many of them actually happen. That’s enough talk, we’ll go straight to the names.

Likely Transfers
Zhou Ting (Beijing) to Dalian Aerbin
Dong Xuesheng (Shenzhen) to Dalian Aerbin
Sun Jihai (Shaanxi) to Dalian Shide
Rong Hao (Hangzhou) to Guangzhou Evergrande
Wu Wei’an (Tianjin) to Guangzhou Fuli
Walter Martinez (Beijing) to Qingdao Jonoon

Yu Dabao (Tianjin) to Beijing Guoan
Mao Jianqing (Shaanxi) to Beijing Guoan
Chen Tao to Dalian Shide
Feng Renliang (Shanghai) to Guangzhou Evergrande
Yu Hanchao (Liaoning) to Guangzhou Evergrande
Wu Xi to Guangzhou Evergrande
Yang Zhi (Beijing) to Guangzhou Fuli
Jon Carew (West Ham) to Guangzhou Fuli
Walter Martinez (Beijing) to Jiangsu Sainty
Cao Yunding (Shanghai) to Jiangsu Sainty
Joel Griffiths (Beijing) to Shanghai Shenhua
Zhao Junzhe (Liaoning) to retire

Zhang Wenzhao (Changchun) to Guangzhou Evergrande
Park Ji-sung (Man U) to Guangzhou Evergrande
Carlton Cole (West Ham) to Guangzhou Fuli
Han Peng (Shandong) to Guangzhou Fuli
Zhao Junzhe (Liaoning) to Qatar
Nicolas Anelka (Chelsea) to Shanghai Shenhua


Yu Dabao (Tianjin) to Dalian Shide
Ronaldinho to Guangzhou Evergrande/Dalian Aerbin
Guti (Real Madrid) to Shanghai Shenhua
Sven-Goren Eriksson to Shandong Luneng

Brandon Chemers aka B. Cheng aka A Modern Lei Feng – is a name which may be familiar to many in the Chinese blogosphere. He currently serves as Editor-in-Chief for Wild East Football and is one of the lonely souls writing about Chinese football in English for the last 10 years. Chemers' credentials are second to none – his former blog focused not only on the fortunes of his beloved Beijing Guoan FC, but a multitude of other aspects of Beijing life. He’s deservedly built a reputation in the Chinese blogosphere as an insightful observer of not only Chinese football, but also the wider picture of life in modern China and its many layers. For WEF, beyond writing about Guoan, he often focuses on fan culture and the business of Chinese football.



  1. Bobby

    05/12/2011 at 14:59

    It looks like Nicolas Anelka is very close to join Shenhua now,while Guangzhou will be paying silly money for some chinese international players like Du Wei or Yu Hanchao.Next season is certainly something to look forward to .

    • Damian Jones

      14/12/2011 at 10:40

      All-in-all, I reckon Guangzhou only need to make a couple of signings in addition to the current squad members. 14: Li Jianhua is probably the weakest link in the team and may need some “competition”, while we will probably need some cover for Conca (over-rated) and Zheng Zhi (under-rated). There is also some argument for strengthening the forward line .. although we have some promising, if lightweight, youngsters coming through.

      • bcheng

        14/12/2011 at 11:15

        I think you are right, Guangzhou is being linked with pretty much every major player on the market, but I am sure they won’t make that many signings. I would expect to see them make 2 big signings, 3 at most. Even with that many signings, the biggest issue will be keeping all the players happy

        • Bobby

          14/12/2011 at 13:07

          The latest issue of [Football] newspaper reported 3 Brazilian footballers ‘ dissatisfaction with Conca earn more money than theirs put together,guess this could be a issue for them.

          And yes, even as a Shenhua supportor myself,I’d love to see young talents coming out of Guangzhou,the place is famous for producing some of china’s most technically gifted players for years in the 90s,but became very quiet ever since.

          Anyway,what do you guys think of the very unique bonus system of Guangzhou Evergreen?

          • WEF Editor

            14/12/2011 at 13:47

            What’s that Bobby?

          • Bobby

            14/12/2011 at 14:12

            They have a “513” bonus system which means if you win a game you have a 5m yuan bonus,if you draw a game you have a 1m yuan bonus,but if you lose a game.you’ll lose 3m yuan.Since they won a lot of games this year,Evergreen players have a bonus of staggering 104m yuan in total.

            And it is rumored that Chairman Xu will change the bonus system to “505”this year……

            To be honest,I cant imagine what will happen if they suffer a successive 3 games defeat,Although I believe they won’t…..

          • Damian Jones

            18/12/2011 at 11:16

            LOL, yes it seemed to work very well last year
            (considering it was 20+ games before we tasted defeat).
            I think the 5-1-3 system worked well .. why change it to 5-0-5?
            Pressure !!

  2. Mark Englehart Evans

    05/12/2011 at 15:47

    I tweeted a rumor to you today: Anelka to Shenhua?

    File under “Seriously?”

    • bcheng

      05/12/2011 at 17:18

      Thanks for that. I still can’t believe Anelka would come to China over Montreal, but especially after seeing Zhu Jun’s weibo pics with Anelka’s brother/agent, I’m starting to believe it more and more.

      • Mark Englehart Evans

        05/12/2011 at 19:06

        Anelka’s bro also bullshitted his way into a coaching job in the US second division, where he performed worse than one can possibly imagine. The presence of Claude just means some sucker at Shenhua picked up his tab at M1NT. Guy is a fraud.

        I’d hate to see my timbers play against him in Montreal though.

        • bcheng

          05/12/2011 at 19:35

          True, when it comes to bullshit artists, Zhu Jun may have finally met his match.

          • Bobby

            06/12/2011 at 18:29

            Glad to know Joel Griffiths will be a Shenhua player next season,seems like a done deal to me. Very wise choice by Zhu Jun,and very wise choice by Joel indeeeeeeeeeeeeed.

          • bcheng

            06/12/2011 at 22:02

            The fact this is appears to be a done deal makes me wonder about Anelka even more. Are they really going to use 2 of their 4 foreign positions (and a large percentage of their salaries) on strikers? Then again, they really don’t have any. They’ll have a solid attack next year if both these deals are made, that’s for sure.

          • Bobby

            06/12/2011 at 23:35

            Oh,maybe you forget something,Joel Griffiths is a Asian player,not a Foreign player,so Shenhua still the chance to sign three more Foreign players apart from Anelka.

          • bcheng

            07/12/2011 at 00:15

            That’s true, when I said the 4 foreign positions, I was thinking more about the starting XI rather than the 5 foreign spots. It never hurts to have two top strikers, but whoever the manager’s going to be, he’ll have to keep them both happy.

    • WEF Editor

      14/12/2011 at 13:46

      Yep. Seriously!

  3. Martin

    07/12/2011 at 15:42

    Nice to see big foreign names coming to the CSL, but I would rather like to see Shenhua remoulding what they have into a better team, staying low key like Guo’an and building a solid base. However, exciting times seem to be up.

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