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Evergrande sign Korean youngster Kim Young-Gwon - Wild East Football
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Guangzhou Evergrande

Evergrande sign Korean youngster Kim Young-Gwon

Guangzhou Evergrande have announced a deal for Korean starlet Kim Young-Gwon, purchasing him from Japanese club Omiya Ardija. The southerners paid a massive transfer fee of US$2.5 million for the youngster and have signed him for four years. Kim’s salary details are undisclosed at the present time.

Kim was a solid part of the relegated FC Tokyo squad in 2010, he then moved to Omiya where he’s spent the past two seasons and been a regular in the starting lineup. He also has international experience, serving with the Korean U20 and U23 squads before slowly working his way into the national team setup in 2010.

For those who are sick of transfer rumors, this signing will put an end to a lot of them, Kaka’s not coming to Guangzhou nor can any other foreigners join Evergrande as they’ve now used the two foreign transfer spots they get during this window. The Cantonese club were linked with Korean captain Lee Jung-Soo, who had considerable ACL experience, but was also near the end of his career. Kim’s a kid with a considerable future ahead of him, an excellent piece of business by Evergrande.

Brandon Chemers aka B. Cheng aka A Modern Lei Feng – is a name which may be familiar to many in the Chinese blogosphere. He currently serves as Editor-in-Chief for Wild East Football and is one of the lonely souls writing about Chinese football in English for the last 10 years. Chemers' credentials are second to none – his former blog focused not only on the fortunes of his beloved Beijing Guoan FC, but a multitude of other aspects of Beijing life. He’s deservedly built a reputation in the Chinese blogosphere as an insightful observer of not only Chinese football, but also the wider picture of life in modern China and its many layers. For WEF, beyond writing about Guoan, he often focuses on fan culture and the business of Chinese football.



  1. Kimo

    05/07/2012 at 20:37

    Even the J-League can’t resist the amount of money Evergrande is throwing out. However, I am curious and perhaps someone can answer this question for me. I thought the CSL allowed for only one Asian player. So does that mean Cho Won-Hee is on his way out or are Evergrande just taking advantage of the new foreigner rule?

    • bcheng

      05/07/2012 at 23:56

      The rules are, literally, different for Evergrande.

    • Won Jin Um

      06/07/2012 at 00:02

      He is probably out.

    • bcheng

      06/07/2012 at 10:27

      My response about the rules being different for Guangzhou was a bit sarcastic, but its true. First, the CSL rule is that of a team’s 5 foreign players, 1 must be Asian, but if a team wanted, all 5 could be Asian. The main issue is that Evergrande is allowed 7 foreigners, due to a midseason rule change, and since they are only allowed to bring in 2 foreign players during the midseason transfer window (and they’ve done so already), there’s no reason to dump Cho, so I think they will keep him around and then rethink their options at the end of the season.

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