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Seven Guangzhou Evergrande players called up for Chinese national team friendlies

Seven Guangzhou Evergrande players have been caled up to the China National Team roster for the upcoming friendly games against Sweden and Brazil.

China will  play Sweden in Helsingborg on September 6th and will take part in another away game in Recife against Brazil on September 10th.

Shanghai Shenhua’s Wang Dalei received his first ever call-up for the national team, whilst Tianjin’s Yu Dabao and Beijing’s Wang Xiaolong were excluded from the squad.

Tang Miao, Zhang Yuan, Yang Xu, and Zhu Ting were recalled, though recent Evergrande signing Huang Bowen did not receive a call-up because he is under suspension.

It was also reported that Zhang Chengdong was excluded so he can have more time to practice with his new club, Eintracht Braunschweig. Instead, Camacho is keeping Zhu Ting in the national team setup, who before being called up for the Ghana match, last played for China in 2008. This side will also see Yang Xu return to the squad, he was a favorite of Gao Hongbo’s but hasn’t seen many appearances since Camacho took over.

Yu Hai and Feng Xiaoting have since been injured after the squad was first named, and they will most likely miss the friendlies. No replacement players have been announced yet.

Roster (sorted by clubs):

Beijing Guoan: Yu Yang

Dalian Shide: Lu Peng, Zhu Ting

Guangzhou Evergrande: Sun Xiang, Zheng Zhi, Feng Xiaoting, Zhang Linpeng, Qin Sheng, Zhao Xuri, Gao Lin

Guangzhou R&F: Tang Miao, Zhang Yuan

Guizhou Renhe: Yu Hai

Henan Construction: Zeng Cheng, Zhao Peng

Liaoning Hongyun: Yu Hanchao, Yang Xu

Jiangsu Sainty: Liu Jianye

Qingdao Jonoon: Liu Jian

Shandong Luneng: Geng Xiaofeng, Zheng Zheng, Hao Junmin

Shanghai Shenhua: Feng Renliang, Wang Dalei

Roster (by positions):

Goalkeepers: Zeng Cheng, Geng Xiaofeng, Wang Dalei

Defenders: Liu Jianye, Zheng Zheng, Zhu Ting, Zhao Peng, Feng Xiaoting, Zhang Linpeng, Sun Xiang, Tang Miao, Yu Yang

Midfielders: Liu Jian, Zheng Zhi, Hao Junmin, Feng Renliang, Yu Hanchao, Liu Jian, Zhang Yuan, Yu Hai, Qin Sheng, Zhao Xuri, Lu Peng

Forwards: Gao Lin, Yang Xu

Ever since witnessing Yang Chen’s near goal opportunity in the game of China vs. Turkey in World Cup 2002 from his bed at 3am, Smari has developed an avid interest in following the Chinese national team. He had seen how the Chinese team was worshiped as gods during the World Cup 2002 and Asian Cup 2004, and how they are treated like shit since the failure to qualify for the World Cup 2006. Smari joined Wild East Football as a contributor because he realized there is a need for the world to know about Chinese football. There is an almost bare minimum amount of English language forums or websites that strictly talk about Chinese football, the Chinese Super League, the Chinese national team, etc. The world needs to know that Chinese football is not about Shaolin football, corruption, diving, and cheating; we are about playing with our heart to bring smiles to our already embarrassed fans. Smari hopes he would be able to witness the improvement of Chinese football and spend all his life savings to watch Guojiadui’s second World Cup appearance at whatever venue, even a warzone. Apart from writing/translating Chinese football news, Smari loves playing mahjang, imitating how Samri Nasri dribbles in the Emirates pitch, watching how Adam Johnson terrorizes his rivals, learning bar tending to make up his reason for consistent drunkenness, being artistically weird by shooting abstract photos, and defeating boringism in his mundane life. He also loves traveling, and he hopes to have his own apartment that is filled with national team jerseys from every country he visited. Smari often attributes his depression to the current dire state of Chinese football, let’s hope he won’t turn insane soon.



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