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What’s going wrong at Hangzhou? Fans have their say

After Hangzhou’s stuttering start to the season under new manager Philippe Troussier saw some fans call for his head after last week’s home defeat to Shandong Luneng. Hangzhou correspondent Peter Iveson gauges the Hangzhou’s supporters views on Troussier and speaks to some of Hangzhou’s most loyal supporters, who regularly travel around China to watch their team.

What’s your opinion of Philippe Troussier’s start as Hangzhou Greentown manager?

S – The defence has shown progress, but the manager’s focus is always on defence.  In our previous game (v Shandong Luneng, a 1-0 home defeat) I really didn’t understand the manager’s substitutions.

T – After the home defeat to Shandong, many fans shouted for Troussier to leave, however I didn’t.  I think that Troussier has good tactical ability, but the players don’t.  If he was in charge of Guangzhou Evergrande he would achieve good results.

A – In the first half of the Shandong game, Hangzhou showed progress when attacking, however in the second half we didn’t and went backwards.

H – We’re playing so badly, it’s hard to say that I love him…

Z – Personally I think he is a good coach and his reform of the team has been successful.  The biggest problem is that [Takeshi] Okada (Japanese Hangzhou Greentown manager 2011-13) used an eastern method of communication with the players, but Troussier is used to the westerners way of thinking and communicating.

What do you think that Troussier needs to do?

S- I’m unable to influence the coach’s decisions, let’s put the tactics of the team to one side.  I just hope that Hangzhou can play entertaining football, attack and put their bodies on the line for the cause!

Z – Win games, but don’t compromise!

T – Deal with the dressing room’s atmosphere and build a harmonious atmosphere amongst the players.  Also introduce a new attacking midfielder and strengthen Greentown’s attacking ability.

A – I have some misgivings about him changing the captain every game, he needs to choose a captain who can calmly deal with the dressing room and restrain other player’s bad temperament

Finally, are you optimistic for the future?

A – I’m very bullish on Greentown’s chances of avoiding relegation; it should be no problem this year!

S – Not optimistic; in these golden times player’s values have become inflated and we don’t have enough money to buy sufficiently good enough players.  Furthermore, it’s possible the team could cease to exist in the future…

T – I’m always very optimistic, even if we are relegated. I and the team will never leave each other; I will stick it out till we are champions!

Z – I don’t want the manager to compromise, because it’s the only way for the team to grow and win.

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