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CFA Weekly Digest: Fireproof re-check, amateur league host cities and youth league

WEF’s Howie Ding brings us a regular digest of all news from the Chinese FA 

CFA calls for re-checking Fireproofing facilities to clubs nationwide

The Chinese Football Association has urged all clubs from the CSL to CL2 to inspect to all fireproofing within their stadiums and surrounding facilities in the aftermath of the Shanghai Hongkou Stadium fire. Beside citing safety concerns, the CFA specifically mentioned that any unexpected disruption to matches would damage Chinese professional football as a whole.

Paving the way for League Three, bidding process underway

The Chinese Amateur League regional phase will take place by the end of August and the CFA has taken bids from its members to host these matches.

The Amateur League consists of three phases. In the first phase, each member association holds its town amateur league, based on a city or provincial basis. The second phase sees the winning teams enter regional leagues based on different areas of the country, before the final phase sees 16 clubs enter a mini tournament based on four groups of four progressing to a knock out stage and ultimately a final and 3rd place play-off game, with the last four being promoted to the China League 2.

Member associations of the CFA may bid to host all the games of individual stages of the competition, however those who have previous experience of hosting CFA sanctioned matches have priority. The CFA deadline was April 15 for applications and will CFA will make final decision on the various bids by June 1.

The CFA will grant 80,000 RMB this year to each amateur team as a subsidy. And after each city or province league is confirmed, they may invite up to eight teams, subject to CFA approval, to take part in their league for the very first stage.

With the growth of the professional leagues (CSL, CL1 and CL2), many small clubs have their sights set on promotion and winning a regional amateur league is the first step towards greater things.

CFA to host Chinese Youth League development conference

Registration for the newly-founded Chinese Youth Super League, the CFA has decided that various local football associations should meet and discuss the growing need for better organised youth matches. There are six divisions currently, which are the Northeast, the Eastern, the Central, the Southern and the Western, and each division will send a regional football delegate to the conference.  Young players lack of exposure to good quality and well organised matches has always been an issue for youth football in China, the CFA will hope the national league will be a solid step towards nurturing gifted talents.

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