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Guangzhou derby stunner, Wei Shihao, and when can China host a World Cup? - Wild East Football
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Guangzhou derby stunner, Wei Shihao, and when can China host a World Cup?

Derby themes continue this week as Guangzhou’s el cantoclassico looms into view. Jamie McIlroy joins the regular podders again to discuss all the news of the week including why R&F do so well against Evergrande, when China will be ready to host a World Cup, and the early winners of the u-23 rule.

With host Christopher Atkins, plus resident panelist Cameron Wilson.

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  1. jrbh

    13/04/2017 at 10:20

    I think Shanghai Suntan’s mascot is a dolphin? Presumably not an extinct pink river dolphin.

    I hate the World Cup expansion. Setting aside obligatory and entirely justified references to FIFA greed and self-dealing, what it really does is (1) trash the classic group stage structure that every fan in the world knows; (2) creates a rest imbalance for two of the three matches in the “group” stage; and (3) this is the really important one: it makes the World Cup qualification stage a joke. Under the current qualification system, it’s possible for an Argentina or a South Korea to miss out. Under the expanded system, there’s simply no chance of that happening. And, for countries like China or Paraguay or Poland, it replaces important HOME qualification matches against good sides with something on the line for World Cup matches at neutral sites, matches which your average resident of Changsha or Asuncion or Lodz has no chance to ever attend. For wealthy people who can travel whenever and wherever they want, and FIFA reps who only care about TV revenue, it’s great. For everyone else, it’s crappy.

  2. jrbh

    13/04/2017 at 10:20

    *Sunfun, not Suntan. I hate autocorrect.

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