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Bronze Ballplayers – help identify China’s Football Statues

You may or may not have noticed but hiding in public parks and squares all over China are an assortment of various football-related statues. British academic Chris Stride has embarked upon a remarkable project to document all of these monuments to the sport and is appealing to Wild East Football readers in his quest.

Football clubs, fans, and civic authorities are increasingly celebrating heroic players through sculpture. Whilst sports statues have become a feature of most popular (and not so popular) sports, the world’s football statuary is unusual in that it reaches beyond successful nations, clubs and subjects. This includes China, which has at least 20 football statues or statues groups.

However China’s many football statues differ from the rest of the world in their subject choices, design and location. For instance they frequently depict anonymous footballers or team groups rather than individual stars, often portray players tackling, and many are located at sports training facilities

I’m currently researching and writing an academic paper about China’s football statues. I’m also keen up to update my global database which you can view at So I’d really appreciate help from Wild East readers to fill in some of the missing information on the statues I know about, pinpoint their exact locations, contribute some photos of them, and tell me about any I have not yet found!

The statues I know about are listed below. For each of these statues I’d love to know:

  • Who sculpted it?
  • When it was they unveiled – exact date is great?
  • What do the inscriptions say?

Also, for each statue I’d like…

  • Two or three photographs
  • A google map link for the location
  • Links to any online press coverage about any of these statues, or any others are also appreciated.

If you can help in any way, then please contact me on and/or leave a comment below…

The statues

A) Hui Tang Li
Yan Jian Red Square, Meizhou City, Guangzhou

B) Hui Tang Li
Unknown location

C) Hui Tang Li
Unknown location

D) The World Cup 2002 team statues and giant ‘V’
This is an extraordinary statue group and a triumphal V, originally at the Green Island training camp, now in Kepu Park in Shenzang, both statues I know a bit about.
Apparently there were originally 44 players and coaches, but some of the coaches were removed due to involvement in corruption, leaving just 32 figures


E) Anonymous players
Lvshunkou, Dalian


F) Anonymous players

G) Anonymous players


H) Anonymous player
Olympic Avenue Park, Beidaihe, Hebei

I) Anonymous players
Unknown location


J) Anonymous players
Hankou Zhongshan Park, Wuhan
This statue dates from 1965, originally made in concrete, then recast in bronze

K) Anonymous players
Shenzhen Sports School, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

L) Anonymous players
Langfang Sports Park, Langfang City, Hebei

M) Anonymous players
Unknown location

N) World Cup statue 1
Evergrande Football School, Qingyuan, Guangdong

This statue has apparently been removed on the order of FIFA

O) World Cup statue 2 (Pele and Bobby Moore)
Evergrande Football School, Qingyuan, Guangdong

P) Anonymous player
Evergrande Football School, Qingyuan, Guangdong

Q) Anonymous player
Putian City

R) Anonymous players
Unknown location

S) Anonymous players
McMahon Square, People’s Stadium, Gulangyu, Xiamen

T) Anonymous players
Unknown location

U) Anonymous players
Unknown location

V) Anonymous players
Shenzhen stadium

W) Anonymous players
Olympic Park, Tongzhou District, Beijing, China

X) Anonymous players:
Unknown location

Y) Anonymous player
Wangfujin Street, Beijing, China

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