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Can China snatch the World Cup from Qatar? – The Chinese Football Podcast

Quite a controversial pod this week with a lot of heated debate as the team discuss the chances of China snatching the World Cup from Qatar due to political strife in the gulf, as well as a discussion about football specific stadiums in China. They will come if they build them, but will they actually be built? There’s a lack of agreement all around this week as things get juicy.

Wild East Football’s Steve Crooks is the host, joined by Brandon Chemers in Beijing and Cameron Wilson  in Shanghai.

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  1. Jeff Beresford-Howe

    13/06/2017 at 19:41

    Could China advance out of group in a home-based 2022 World Cup? Well, the host country gets seeded. They avoid the seven best teams in the world in group play. Of course, that didn’t work out for South Africa, which had just the worst luck. The vuvuzela crazed-side ended up in a group with Uruguay, Mexico and France.

    But what if they’d been drawn instead into the group with Slovakia, Paraguay and New Zealand? That was who seeded Italy got, despite which, amazingly, they finished last in the group. China could advance in a group like that, could they not?

    I’m not so sanguine about attendance for a 2022 World Cup. What would be the big draws in China? China, of course. Japan and South Korea. Germany, Spain, England, France, Italy, Brazil, Argentina (if Messi is still playing), Portugal (if Ronaldo is still playing), maybe the USA (lots of people who can afford to travel). Russia, maybe.

    (Weird fact: the last time Russia and China played each other was 1959.)

    That leaves another twenty or so teams that wouldn’t be obvious draws in the People’s Republic. I don’t see a lot of people showing up for Chile-Saudi Arabia or Serbia-Costa Rica, even with a big “national pride” advertising push.

    Despite my fears about attendance, though, I do NOT think China should throw up some MLS-style 20,000 seaters. MLS will rue the day they went in for that. I’d love to see some 40,000 seaters, and teams growing into that kind of support. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect a league growing in reach and prestige filling that kind of stadium in this country.

    I couldn’t find whether FIFA has “rules” about football-only stadiums, but two obvious points about that: FIFA’s rules are entirely situational and greed-based, and in any case, an “emergency” hosting assignment would obviously lead to some relaxation in stadium standards.

    Having said that, and to be political for a moment, Qatar has the biggest US military base in the Middle East. Even with this clown car administration in Washington, I can’t believe the US government will allow this crap to go on much longer.

  2. Cameron Wilson

    15/06/2017 at 09:23

    Good points there. Thanks for the feedback Jeff

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