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Chinese FA to scrap dedicated women’s football department amid political shake-up

Following a political shakeup at the Chinese FA, additional departments for youth football are to be established and a dedicated division for women’s football scrapped, according to local media.

Earlier this year, FA veteran Wei Jixiang, who once played as a striker for Paul Gascoigne’s old club Gansu, left the FA in favour of now much-derided Du Zhaocai, who introduced the new rule requiring CSL clubs to start one U23 player, and further foreign player quotas. At the same time, Cai Zhenhua, who led Chinese table tennis from the doldrums in the late 80s and early 90s to its current glory today, is now largely powerless despite remaining nominally vice-president of the General Administration and president of the FA.

The re-organisation, will give Du the power to completely reshuffle FA personnel, and reports believe he will likely introduce three departments responsible for U17, U19 and Olympic teams. The Women’s football department will cease its operations, with its former responsibilities being taken up by other departments at the relevant age groups.

The ideas were first mooted in 2013, when the General Administration of Sport gave the organisation then known as ‘Centre for Football Management’ more autonomy and changed its name to a more western sounding ‘Football Association’

The Football Association also plans to move its offices, from Dongjiu building just inside Beijing’s Second Ring Road to Baiziwan, just outside the Fourth Ring Road. Even though the FA is moving away from the city centre, it is expected this shift will be costly. Tenders to decorate the interior of the new FA offices have been called for.

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