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Shenzhen battle back from behind twice to defeat Nei Mongol Zhongyou FC

Shenzhen FC kept their promotion push on track, coming from behind twice to beat second from bottom side Nei Mongol Zhongyou FC 3-2.

The Guangdong side now boast an eight game unbeaten streak and sit just two points of the leaders Wuhan Zall, who lost 1-0 away to Meizhou Meixian Techand.

However they were slow to pick up the pace of the game from the get go, and this was highlighted by some pretty ordinary defending for Nei Mongol Zhongyou’s opener.

A long diagonal ball pumped into the box by Zou Yucheng was won in the air convincingly by Andre Senghor, the ball passed across the six yards box where it was meet with some pretty tame defending.

Qiao Wei could only manage to dangle a leg out as it passed him in the box and was put away by Brazilian Dori after he was allowed to be goal side by Zhang Yuan at the back post.

Shenzhen were not behind for long though, this time they were beneficiaries of poor defending. Li Jian played an unnecessary switch ball in the air to one of his fellow centre backs Yu Shuai, who under pressure cleared his lines only to see the ball to come straight back to him.

Under pressure from Preciado in the air the ball fell to Chen Fangzhou, running towards goal he missed controlled the ball with his chest and Preciado bounced on the loose ball.

Using one touch to bring the ball back underneath the recovering  Chen Fangzhou and the second to smash it home into the top corner.

There was a chance for redemption for Shenzhen, but lessons were clearly not learnt from the opening goal. Nei Mongol Zhongyou retook the lead from a free kick in nearly the exact position as the opener.

Zou Yucheng again delivering the ball into the box and again Senghor was the target, this time the big Senegalese striker needed no one else’s help. Bringing the ball down in acres of space and slotting home.

Ge Zhen this time was the main culprit as he allowed Senghor to run off him and to have the luxury of having two touches in the six yard box and to put Nei Mongol Zhongyou 2-1 up.

Just before half time was one of the more bizarre experiences I have experienced at a football game, and it terms of this game it was a turning point.

Nei Mongol Zhongyou midfielder Li Gen while running with the ball was being hounded by Wang Dalong and Ye Chugui. Dalong came in with a tackle from the side, lost his balance and hit Li Gen in the face with his forearm, as Li Gen fell Ye Chugui just lent out an innocent arm towards Li Gen.

This is where the confusion begins as Li Gen rose to his feet rightfully claiming he had been hit in the face, Ye Chungi took offence and in the middle of a melee did raise his hands to Li Gen.

He was sent off only to be told to return once all the officials had gathered on the pitch and given a yellow card.

Leaving many confused to know if the officials had actually seen Ye Chungi raise his hands at Li Gen or were rectifying a mistake of mistaken identity with Dalong, for the original incident on the pitch.

What seemed to be clear is that this scare finally woke Shenzhen up, and after the interval they returned a more dominant side.

Ye Chugui would engage the debate should he be on the field pretty early as he set in motion Shenzhen’s equalizer. Ye Chugui stole the ball deep in midfield after tracking back kick starting the move.

Both Nei Mongol Zhongyou’s wing backs had pushed up, leaving space for winger Zu Pengchao to deliver a cross to the prolific Preciado to head home.

The winner came just seven minutes later, wing back Chen Fangzhou at fault again for being too high up the pitch. Thus allowing Shenzhen striker Ohandza to turn Yu Shuai and be able to get a run at Wang Bo down the right, and deliver a low cross to Zu Pengchao who produced a toe poke finish.

Shenzhen still had one more opportunity to show case their inability to defend long balls from set pieces and to handle Senghor. He headed on to Lei Ludekun who played a one two with Duan Jieyi.

Jieyi fired a low shot which was spilled by keeper Guan Zhen,  Ge Zhen’s attempted clearance hit Lei Ludekun and bounced over an empty net.

Nei Mongol Zhongyou ended the game with ten men after Zou Yucheng was sent off late in the game for a petulant kick from behind, as Shenzhen wasted time in the corner flag. Unlike Ye Chugui he did not return.

Shenzhen managing to maintain their momentum alive and push for promotion, but if they have many more defensive displays as they did tonight the dream of the CSL may not materialise.

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