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  • This site takes the view that, first and foremost, those interested in football are all football lovers, regardless of nationality, race or creed. Football is a universal language and can bring us all a little closer together. Its not the place for China v the outside world political debates.
  • All entries posted before August 26 2010 were written by the editor but originally posted elsewhere on the net. They are being transfered to this site for the record, this process is on-going and may take some time.

An explaination about some of the tags:

  • Jing-hu rivalry – a translation of the Chinese term for the Beijing Guoan and Shanghai Shenhua rivalry. Rivalry is used rather than derby, derbies only involve teams who are relatively close geographically.
  • Hu-Hang derby – similar to the above except it refers to Shanghai and Hangzhou Greentown
  • Jing-Jin derby – again, only this time for Beijing Guoan and Tianjin Teda