Pub Talk: The names change but the Chinese football game remains the same + Shanghai Derby dominates

Like salmon returning from the Atlantic, leaping up whitewater rapids to spawn in a Scottish loch, your wondering pundits are back in the Pub after a long hiatus. The beer is still flowing, but an awful lot has changed since last time. Or has it? Your original Chinese football commentators find themselves in something of […]

Read Chinese Football’s 50-point reform plan in full – exclusive translation

Last year saw the release of a comprehensive football reform plan from the Chinese government which gained widespread international attention and brought much discussion of the links between the sport and politics in China. The plan accurately identifies many of the key issues affecting the game in the country, but it will be years before […]

WEF Exclusive Interview: Ian Walker

Shanghai Shenhua have been CSL news central this year, from the high publicity signings of Drogba, Anelka and Giovanni Moreno, to the managerial merry-go-round with Jean Tigana, Anelka and Sergio Batista, and the odd world of the Shenhua chairman himself –  Hongkou stadium and its inhabitants have been a media dream  in 2012. But newswise […]

The Whistles: A (somewhat) fictional story of a night on the road

What follows is meant as a semi-fictional account of one awayday. Any similarities to certain incidents is coincidental and all the names have been changed to protect the (not so) innocent. I’ve loved the idea of awaydays for awhile, but the reality is far different from the idea. It’s not for everyone, but for those […]

Exclusive: “The CFA tried to make me cut my long hair” – 1996 foreign pioneer speaks out

In an absolutely remarkable exclusive interview with one of the first Western footballers to play in the Chinese Football League, pioneering Swedish midfielder Pelle Blohm tells all about  his amazing adventure with Dalian Wanda (now Shide) in the 1996 Jia-A season. With professional football only in its third year in China, things were vastly different […]