Moment of madness in Qingdao leads to brawl

Yesterday’s match in Qingdao between Jonoon and Shanghai Shenxin was an exciting one, though it was overshadowed by a late brawl. Perhaps frustrated by his team having just went down after Liu Jian scored his second goal, Antonio Flavio took a violent kick at Qingdao defender Guo Liang’s legs. Zheng Long, who was next to […]

Nicolas Anelka: “I just became the new player-manager of Shanghai Shenhua”

In a bizarre and unexpected development, Nicolas Anelka has announced he is  Shenhua’s new player-manager, following a confusing day of frenzied speculation in Shanghai. He made the announcement a little after midnight today on his official Twitter account, after the club yesterday announced the sacking of Tigana’s three coaching staff and the promotion of Anelka […]

Shenhua coach invades pitch to lift injury-faking player

Shanghai Shenhua’s coach was so enraged by the play-acting of his own midfielder that he stormed angrily onto the pitch and dragged the offending injury-faker to his feet. The incident happened in the closing stages of Shenhua’s clash away to Nanchang on Saturday, when Shenhua youngster Liu Junnan went down after an innocuous bump with […]

Only in the CSL: Soccer by Committee, Wenzhou Private Lending, Difficult Days for Hangzhou

When even Chinese media starts referring to the “Cultural Revolution” and “Red Guards”, you know you aren’t going down the right path. Such is the situation in Hangzhou these days, manager Wu Jingui has been removed from the picture due to “illness” and the team is now being run by a committee of seven players, […]

Mosquito attacks disrupt Shenhua training sessions

Shanghai Shenhua have encountered  a real buzz about the CFA cup in northern China –  although not in the way they may have imagined. The club are mystified as to why their training sessions ahead of their CFA cup clash against Tianjin are being interupted by a plauge of mosquitoes. According to a Sina Sports […]