Friday Video Amusement – Not All Chinese Fans Hate Each Other!

It’s Friday, you’re waiting for the weekend to finally begin, you want to get out of the office, I do too. Therefore, I’m not going to write a long post about the possibilities of Beijing Guoan going public, that can always wait for next week when the league’s on break. Instead, I’ll post an excellent […]

Hump Day Video Amusement: Mud Football Comes to the Bird’s Nest

No, this isn’t an indictment on the crappy, used-once-a-year pitch at China’s National Stadium. How do you follow up hosting a major international match between two of the most famous clubs in the world?  Why, by having a mud soccer demonstration of course.   Mud, or swamp soccer, seems to be a big thing in Scotland […]

Tianjin Teda Become the Away Team in Their Own Stadium

Tianjin players celebrate a goal

Saturday night offered a number of tough choices for football fans in northern China.  The Bird’s Nest hosted the annual major match to celebrate the anniversary of the Olympics, this year’s was a truly unique occassion, seeing AC Milan and Inter Milan face off in the Italian Super Cup.  In nearby Tianjin, Real Madrid was […]

Chinese Inter Milan fans beat Chinese AC Milan fan

AC and Inter Milan are both in Beijing for Saturday night’s Italian Super Cup clash.  The sides both arrived an hour apart at Capital Airport and were met by massive crowds.  It’s hard to walk around Beijing the past few days without seeing somebody in a Milan jersey.  Yesterday, the blue side of Milan held […]

Hump Day Humor: Watch the Pint Sized Pitch Invader

When you’re supposed to be the authority on Chinese soccer, it doesn’t feel good to get pipped by the Huffington Post.  I’m sort of the Minister of Propoganda for the site and prefer to focus on the positive sides of the Chinese Super League so the first time I saw the photos on Saturday, I […]