Players and WAGs Taking to Internet to Slag Off Referees…

A player sending out an explitive filled tweet.  Another one openly questioning a referee’s decision via a tweet.  A player’s wife using tweets to attack a referee.  Does it all sound like another example of players and WAGs behaving badly in the Prem?  Well, it isn’t. In fact, the English Premiership has done what it can to prevent players […]

Only in the CSL… 1

outside of worker's stadium

This is Part 1 in a series that is sure to have many parts as the season goes on, the unique, some would say crazy, nature of Chinese football almost guarantees it.  As much as we love Chinese football, sometimes decisions lead to a state of befuddlement you just can’t help, at those times, we […]

Always Finding New Ways to Screw the Opponent…

Tianjin player dropped by the medics

If those involved in Chinese football were as inventive in finding and promoting skilled players as they are at finding new ways to screw over the opposition, China would be in the top 10 in the FIFA rankings.  Unfortunately as we all know, that just isn’t the case… Now the new method appears to be […]

The FA Cup’s Back…And It’s Stranger Than Ever!

fa cup table

The last time China held its version of the FA Cup was in 2006, it then disappeared for the next 2 years, supposedly due to the Olympics.  The CFA started discussing bringing it back in 2009, but like many things in China, these discussions went slowly, so slowly that it took 2 years to finally […]

Swollen testicles behind Beijing star’s early exit

is of course a sensible football journal where one can find a reliable stream of news and views on the Chinese game. Well, as sensible as our eccentric subject matter allows, that is. You’ll forgive us, then, if we indulge ourselves in a news story that was simply too good to pass up. It started […]