Only in the CSL: Soccer by Committee, Wenzhou Private Lending, Difficult Days for Hangzhou

When even Chinese media starts referring to the “Cultural Revolution” and “Red Guards”, you know you aren’t going down the right path. Such is the situation in Hangzhou these days, manager Wu Jingui has been removed from the picture due to “illness” and the team is now being run by a committee of seven players, […]

Hangzhou Greentown to Become Hainan Airlines?

Hainan airlines logo

Yesterday morning most in China were enjoying their day off, resting at home or out on holiday, and it’s unlikely they picked up the paper, especially Soccer News, though those who did were greeted by a large headline stating that Hainan Airlines are trying to purchase Greentown Holdings and all the companies under them, including […]

How Football Explains the (Business) World

football with different bills on it

We’ve talked before about how soccer in China is all encompassing, if you are a close watcher of the game, it’s hard not to come across a wide variety of issues, be it corruption, business, politics, or social issues. While it sounds far fetched, the reality is that all these things creep into sports in […]

Property Equals Power in Chinese Football

If you want to know who has money in China, look to those who own the property.  The real estate boom of the last few years has been one of the hottest topics in the local news and is one that is constantly on the minds of average people.  Real estate companies often get the […]

Summer Tour Silly Season

Whether you’re a big fan of European sides living in China  who can’t wait to get the chance to see his favorite players up close or whether you deride these tours as a boring money grab, the summer season is upon us. This year it’s English heavy, with the likes of Liverpool, Arsenal, and Chelsea […]