The transfer market: China’s other bubble and will it pop?

For the past five years, there has been talk about the “bubble” that exists in the Chinese real estate market, even now, you’ll see a story almost every week about this volatile market, but prices just keep going up. Though it’s been a shorter amount of time, the Chinese Super League has experienced a similar […]

What’s in a name? How CSL clubs get their names

For those new to the CSL, and even sometimes for longtime watchers of the league, club names can seem very odd and ever changing. There are a number of factors involved in this, including bad (or various) English translations, but one of the main reasons is that every name is made up of multiple parts. […]

China’s most successful club on the brink of death? An in-depth background

Dalian Shide FC, China’s most decorated club with eight championships to its name, is clinging on for dear life despite emotional scenes at the end of last season as players and fans believed the club had played its last ever game. Just days later, local sports media reported that city rivals Dalian Aerbin had purchased […]

Manchester United finds new way to mint money

Manchester United, the world’s biggest club, found a new revenue stream yesterday when it announced two new strategic partners. The new partners are Wahaha, the Hangzhou based beverage company, and China Commercial Bank, one of China’s largest state banks, and both agreements will last for three years. United’s focus on Asia, and in particular the Chinese […]

WEF Exclusive: Shenhua could face FIFA punishment over Yu Tao dual contract

The fallout over the sensational transfer of Shenhua club legend Yu Tao to rivals Shanghai Shenxin has continued with club owner Zhu Jun threatening the midfielder with legal action over his move. Zhu was quoted by the Liberation Daily as saying that, although Yu Tao had a contract signed between himself and Shenhua and lodged […]