Xinjiang football on the rise

We at love a great Chinese football story when we can find one, unfortunately positive stories and Chinese football tend to be an oxymoron. However, this year Xinjiang football is presenting an absolutely wonderful story that has amazed us. Xinjiang’s clubs is in the China Yi League, or two divisions below the top flight, yet […]

Away Days: Jiangsu @ Shandong

Soccer fans in America are a little unlucky when it comes to traveling to away games. Due to the size of our country diving to most games is not an option, unless you enjoy a three to five day road trip. China is similar in size to America but it holds one distinct advantage  when […]

WEF TV: Shenhua Ultra-Passion

It’s one of the most striking aspects of Shanghainese fan culture – thousands of fans massing outside Hongkou stadium for wild celebrations after a big win. Your correspondent was at the scene last Saturday to capture the revelry for all to enjoy on tv, as Shenhua celebrated a late victory against Guangzhou Fuli, and partied […]

An “Uncultured” Chant That’s Part of Chinese Culture

Tonight 18,000 Beijing fans will head to Wukesong to watch Game 4 of the CBA Finals and one thing is likely to be surprisingly absent during the game, the infamous “jing ma“. The CBA has threatened that if fan behavior is “unharmonious” or “uncultured”, the league might move Game 5 away from Beijing. A little […]

Beijing Guoan’s Own “Brother Sharp”

A few years ago, an internet meme spread across China regarding a “Brother Sharp“.  It started when a picture of a homeless man with a unique sense of style was photographed smoking a cigarette with a brooding look on his face.  Quickly more images popped up on the net and declared him to be “cool”, […]