Joel Griffiths: A Tale of Two Cities

Joel Griffiths spent three years in China’s capital as a hero, two of those spent playing alongside his brother making an Aussie power pair who were fan favorites.  This past offseason, he did the unthinkable to many Beijingers, he took his talents to the Bund. It’s not unusual for players to change clubs, but there […]

Ten Reasons to Follow Your Local CSL Club

Editor’s note: While there have been a ton of posts on this site, there are few that are as important as this one, written by Kenneth last year.  We love Chinese football for a lot of reasons, but if you’ve never been to a match, these ten should motivate you to go.  While tickets will […]

CSL Season Ticket Price Hikes Across the Country But Still A Bargain

With just over a week before the Chinese Super League season kicks off, we’re finally getting news about season ticket prices.  Across the country, ticket prices have gone up considerably, many teams raised prices by 25-50%, with Shanghai Shenhua’s price raise being the most dramatic.  As regular prices move closer to $100 (and in some […]

Being a Disabled Supporter in China

A football stadium reflects society, you have supporters of all different age groups and economic backgrounds that attend matches each week.  However, like Chinese society in general, the disabled are not very well represented at football matches.  We had the chance to talk to a Guoan fan who also happens to be disabled and couldn’t […]

Gao Lin Has a Heart After All, Gives Guangzhou Pair a Valentine’s Surprise

I hate Gao Lin.  If you’ve ever read this blog before, it’s probably obvious to you.  He’s from Zhengzhou, he played for Shanghai, and now he’s on Guangzhou, when it comes to my degrees of hatred, I don’t think you could create a more perfect grouping (unless he ends up on Tianjin).  But most of […]