Nanchang Hengyuan Moving Back to Shanghai?

For those who are used to European football, the announcement that Shaanxi Renhe was leaving Xian for Guizhou came as a massive shock, well, hold on tight folks, we could be looking at more madness. In a winter of big transfers, it seems the biggest move may actually be clubs that are literally moving cities. […]

Beijing Guoan Fan’s Music Festival This Weekend

The first matchday is exactly a month away, but Beijing Guoan fans will gather this weekend to get pumped up for the upcoming season with the 3rd edition of the Guoan Fan’s Music Festival.  It’s going to be a weird mix of music (lots of heavy metal and hip hop, two styles that really don’t […]

A Wife’s Tale (Or How Someone Who Never Liked the Game Became a “Superfan”)

[singlepic id=57 w=320 h=240 float=right]It can be difficult finding a woman who loves football, even harder turning one into a fan, but amazingly I tried to do so — lo and behold I did it!  Some use the game as a diversion from their home life, but since I knew that I didn’t only want […]


This is my final recap photo post for last year.  It was a great year to be a Guoan fan as the club was able to put together an impressive season, finishing a solid 2nd and just a penalty kick away from the CFA Cup Final.  In earlier editions, I’ve posted photos from inside Worker’s […]

From The Capital To Beijing: Angry Youth on Guoan’s Terraces

[singlepic id=41 w=320 h=240 float=right]A viral thread was passed around Sina Weibo before the Chinese New Year that went like this, “Where are you going for Chinese New Year? I’m going from the capital to Beijing.”  When hearing this, an outsider might not understand, Beijing is the capital after all, so what are they getting […]