A Guide to Football in Nanjing

Nanjing is a city rich in history. Roughly 300km west of Shanghai this former capital is home to many famous landmarks and historical events such as Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s mausoleum, the ancient Confucius Temple and the tragic massacre of 1937. One thing Nanjing is not famous for though is it’s football team. Jiangsu Sainty enters […]


outside Worker's Stadium north gate

China’s not a sports loving country.  In the US or much of Europe, even if you aren’t a sports fan, you know a bit about how the local side is doing that year, you’ll see it on the news, in the papers, and it will definitely be a topic in the office.  Here in China, […]

Blue Devils say good riddance to Expo

Anyone reading the usual propaganda channels at the moment could be forgiven for thinking the entire city of Shanghai is in mourning now that the six-month long World Expo is over, indeed, even some respected foreign Shanghai bloggers, such as Shanghai Scrap, championed the event, and continue to argue that it was a great thing […]

Authorities throw spanner in travelling fans’ works yet again

For the third year running, the Beijing-Shenhua game has been inconveniently-scheduled, making it very difficult for visiting fans, who have a 2,000 km round trip, to get to the game. Shenhua fan group’s plans have been thrown into disarry because train tickets to the capital were sold out to scalpers within minutes of being put […]

Rumpus at Hongkou Stadium for “National Derby”

There are few sporting spectacles which rouse passions as much as a football match between two great rivals, and Saturday night’s grudge game between Shanghai Shenhua and Beijing Guoan, in the Jing-Hu Dazhan (京沪大战) , was no exception. Shanghai and Beijing love to hate each other, and the twice-yearly footalling clash constitutes a very public […]