Pub Talk: Chinese fan culture special

With not much happening during the international break for China except friendly internationals, the lads do something a bit different today, and focus on fan culture in Chinese footy. And where better to discuss this fascinating subject than in the pub? No need to say more, this is going to be a good one. Mine’s […]

Guide to terrace tunes in Beijing

During the next few weeks that the Chinese Super League is on break, we’ll take a deeper look at supporter culture in China. While many of Beijing Guoan’s songs consist of clapping, shouting Guoan, and a series of “oh’s” and many are based on tunes borrowed from Japan (which were often borrowed from Europe),  there […]

A weekend in Wuhan with the Shenhua Element Crew

As all real football fans know, there’s nothing quite like an away trip for experiencing the game at it’s finest. Take the usual thrills and spills you may expect from a football road trip and toss the cheerful chaos of China into the mix, and you have an experience that is completely unlike anything else. […]

A brief history of: The Shanghai Derby

Tomorrow sees the first “proper” Shanghai derby in seven years as Shenhua take on newly promoted Shanghai East Asia – a match the local media are billing as the long-awaited return of a genuine Shanghai football rivalry. Wild East Football’s Cameron Wilson casts his mind back to his early days as a Shenhua fan and […]

500 miles north: An away day for Guangzhou R&F in Wuhan

Being an away supporter is much harder in China than in many other countries because of the vast distances involved. Apart from the Cantonese derby, the closest away trip for Guangzhou R&F fans is the 630 mile haul up to Wuhan. Because of this the club were expecting 200-400 fans to make the trip but […]