Blue Dream

On the weekend that the CSL lost one set of well-respected blue fans, Dalian Shide’s Blue Wave , another group, the Blue Dream Army of Guangzhou R&F, were celebrating the end of their club’s first ever CSL ever season. At the end of R&F’s final game of the season, a 1-1 draw with Jiangsu Sainty, […]

“Where’s the championship?” Shenhua fans protest after win over Qingdao

Shanghai Shenhua 3-0 Qingdao Joonon CSL Round 30 Drogba 74, Song Boxuan 81, Griffiths 83 A surprisingly good end-of-season match at Hongkou Stadium saw Shanghai Shenhua run out 3-0 winners over Qingdao in a one-sided affair notable for a very public protest from the home fans. At the end of the match, members of the […]

“We are blue” – Saying goodbye to China’s best fans

It was a Saturday of tears in Dalian as the home side, Dalian Shide, played their last match in front of their loyal fans. As a thank you to their loyal fans, the club that is was known for its titles is no more. Whether Shide merges with Aerbin or another solution is found, there […]

Street fighting Chongqing style

The people of Chongqing are known for loving spicy food and having spicy personalities. For the second time this year, this quick tempered spiciness led to violence when a local rival came to town. This time it was Chongqing FC facing off against Chengdu Blades, a clash with no significant meaning on any China League […]

The 2012 China Grassroots Football Expo Kicks Off!

The past two years has seen a galvanization of the professional game and its profile in China. Anelka, Drogba, & Lippi have put the CSL on the international football map and CCTV5 has been increasing its coverage of the domestic game. Chinese football is on the up. Or is it? Despite these efforts numbers of […]