Only in the CSL: Shaanxi Chanba Moving to Guizhou in 2012

Here at we have a bit of a culture clash whenever the topic of relocation comes up. To someone from the UK, the idea of a team relocating is unheard of, akin to an iconic building in the city suddenly leaving. However, for an American, it’s just something we’re used to as teams regularly hold […]

Only in the CSL: Champions League’s A-Changin’

This post actually should be “Only in the AFC” as for once the Chinese Super League walks away without blame and instead a whole heap of blame falls on the shoulders of the AFC.  The Asian Football Confederation (“AFC”), who is in charge of the Asian Champions League (“ACL”), met last week to decide a […]

CFA Cup Final: Tianjin 2 – 1 Shandong

There are many things about this match that make it an “Only in the Chinese Super League” special edition, truly unusual circumstances.  For starters, this cup final was played just days before a major international game, meaning each side wasn’t able to hold a full training session until the day before the match.  Typically, making […]

Only in the CSL: Ending the Season with a Weekday Afternoon Match

Though I should be in the office right now, I’m not. Instead I’m sitting in a hotel room and as I look otu the window, I can see Hongkou Stadium through the rain. I took two days off from work and made the trip south along with 300+ fellow Beijing fans to watch the last […]

Shenhua coach invades pitch to lift injury-faking player

Shanghai Shenhua’s coach was so enraged by the play-acting of his own midfielder that he stormed angrily onto the pitch and dragged the offending injury-faker to his feet. The incident happened in the closing stages of Shenhua’s clash away to Nanchang on Saturday, when Shenhua youngster Liu Junnan went down after an innocuous bump with […]