Another Chinese Failure – Blame the Referees, Blame the Players,Blame the CFA

Chinese players leave the pitch dejected

If you’re looking for a full, non-profanity laced and loaded with plaudits match report regarding last night’s Olympic team match, you can visit the CFA’s beautiful new English language site.  See, now you have options, we aren’t the only game in town when it comes to national team coverage, so if that’s what you want, […]

Only in the CSL… 1

outside of worker's stadium

This is Part 1 in a series that is sure to have many parts as the season goes on, the unique, some would say crazy, nature of Chinese football almost guarantees it.  As much as we love Chinese football, sometimes decisions lead to a state of befuddlement you just can’t help, at those times, we […]

Nanchang fan abuses referee over stadium loudspeaker

It’s something most fans have probably thought about after watching their side fall foul of poor refereeing: take the stadium mike and get the crowd to join in a chant questioning the match officials’s parentage. It’s usually impossible to act upon such impulses though – unless you are talking about the Chinese Super League of […]

Greentown forced out of Hangzhou

As is customary, the new season’s Chinese Super League fixture list threw up some interesting anomalies, not least of which was the fact that Hangzhou Greentown will not play any Chinese Super League games in the city which bears its name this year. Instead, it will play its home matches in other Zhejiang province cities, […]