All I want for Christmas is (Yang) Xu: My Guoan Wish List

We at are getting into the holiday spirit, so I’m going to put together my Christmas list for Guoan. Last year’s list was almost completely filled Keep Yang Zhi (check, though he was out with an injury most of the year), A striker or two (check, though neither came through), and a Major domestic purchase […]

What’s Wrong With Guoan?

After an excellent campaign that saw the club maintain a very impressive record and give up the least amount of goals, there were high hopes going into the 2012 season. Yet through one ACL match and one league match, a lot of that hope has quickly disappeared as the defense has been turned upside down, […]

From The Capital To Beijing: Angry Youth on Guoan’s Terraces

[singlepic id=41 w=320 h=240 float=right]A viral thread was passed around Sina Weibo before the Chinese New Year that went like this, “Where are you going for Chinese New Year? I’m going from the capital to Beijing.”  When hearing this, an outsider might not understand, Beijing is the capital after all, so what are they getting […]

Buy our football jerseys please, China

Manchester City become the latest big European club to swing by China, as more fat cat chairmen attempt to stuff a slice of the lucrative East Asian football market pie in their already obese and money-obsessed faces. The English Premier League side take on Shanghai Shenhua on Friday night in the 2006 Shanghai International Football […]