Ross: Playing football in China isn’t as easy as some think

The opening of the transfer window has seen the Western media go into overdrive about players moving to the CSL, commonly describing this either as a ‘threat’ to the English Premier league or a ‘joke’. Most of this coverage is disrespectful and ill-informed, pushing the dominant narrative that players who move to Chinese clubs are […]

Cheng: Don’t fight crazy with crazy, rethink these new rules

When my three-year-old is bad sometimes I have to go to the radical step of taking away all his toys. That seems to be the thinking of the General Administration of Sports and the CFA with their new rules released over the weekend. The rules, eliminating the 4+1 rule and only allowing three foreign players […]

CFA independence, transfer and salary caps – are they possible?

Every transfer window, the Chinese Super League becomes the object of attention from football-watchers all over the world, primed for news of another record-breaking transfer or a big pay day for a star snatched up from the European leagues. In recent weeks, consternation has a People’s Daily interview with an official from the General Administration […]

Wilson: World Cup expansion doesn’t help China – or anyone else

I genuinely hate to appear to stand on the side of the European football establishment (I’ll explain that one further down, there’s a twist!), but a World Cup expanded to 48 teams is overkill and risks devaluing the tournament, making it less desirable to qualify for in the first place.

Worker’s Stadium Revue: It could have been worse – Beijing Guoan 2016 ratings

After the discombobulated start to the 2016 season and fears about how bad it would get, Beijing Guoan ended up finishing fifth and only five points away from a spot in Asia. All things considered, it wasn’t THAT bad, but the level of mediocrity seen on the pitch made it difficult for fans to accept and yet another year with no trophies and no continental football makes it a long winter in the capital.