McIlroy: Intriguing Draw Should Offer China Easy Route into WC Qualifying Final Stage

Following last Tuesday’s draw for the AFC’s World Cup qualification second round, we now know that China’s long road to Russia will begin in Thimpu, Bhutan on June 16th and that if you combined the surface area of all four of China’s opponents it would still only be half the size of Jiangsu Province. Despite […]

Wilson: An intriguing 2015 beckons for Chinese football

Just over a month into the new season, a refreshing light breeze of change is blowing through the dusty pantheon of Chinese football, with the new season barely a month old. The wind began blowing from a southerly direction – Australia, to be precise. Optimism, that most dangerous of temptations for the always-emotionally-fragile Chinese football […]

Atkins: A new dawn from China’s women?

It’s not too many years since women’s football was widely perceived as a joke among a majority of football supporters. While such an attitude was always unfair on those playing, it has also now become a point of ridicule in itself as the game continues to grow in stature and quality right across the world. Ladies’ football […]

Tim Cahill: Stop me if you’ve heard this one…

So, a truly global superstar lands once again in Shanghai – his one-man rout of the China national side in the Asian Cup ensuring any fans not previously familiar with the name sure are now. Tim Cahill represents a massive coup for the CSL as a whole, which has in recent times been losing out […]

Wilson: Defeat to Australia a perfect end for China’s Asian Cup

China’s Asian Cup turned out better than anyone expected with positive outcomes all round – even the timing of their exit. The national team gave an extremely respectable showing, playing some of its best football for years, winning all three group games – something they had never done before – and qualifying for the knock-out […]