Cheng: After China’s two wins, it’s time to get on the Perrin bandwagon

For months, I’ve had an article on the back burner criticizing Alain Perrin for his management of the national team, but have never been able to pull the trigger. Odd moves like bringing in over the hill players like Han Peng and leaving out young stars like Zhang Xizhe and Yu Dabao have kept me […]

Cheng: Moving matches to the Bird’s Nest would be big mistake

Beijing Guoan is considering playing some of it’s 2015 matches, perhaps including the Asian Champions League matches, at the empty, soulless edifice in northern Beijing called the Bird’s Nest. Doing so would be the ultimate in outrages. As a disclaimer, my walk to Worker’s Stadium on matchdays is no more than 10 minutes and I’m […]

Wilson: Batista must go to let new Shenhua become CSL asset

It speaks volumes about Shanghai Shenhua that at the same time local headlines suggest the team’s head coach is to be offered a new two-year contract, large sections of the club’s support are calling for that coach’s head. This peculiar discrepancy suggests many things, most obviously that the Shenhua boardroom’s criteria for a competent manager […]

One Night in Beijing: Superclásico de las Américas in China well worth it

On a surprisingly clear Beijing evening, over 56,000 fans flocked to the Bird’s Nest Stadium to witness Brazil defeat biggest rivals Argentina 2-0. Though billed with grandiose title Superclásico de las Américas, the match was, basically, an international friendly being played thousands of kilometres away from both the countries represented, and the European locales where […]

Cheng: Zhou Liang scandal shows line always moving when it comes to regionalism in China

PPTV commentator Zhou Liang had to issue a public apology and was removed from his position after using the deragatory term “subei gou” (northern Jiangsu dogs) when going through Jiangsu’s lineup before the Chinese FA Cup semifinal last week (here’s the full incident). The term is commonly used by Shanghai fans (and has been picked […]